Welcome at Daycare KITS

Welcome at the best daycare center in Groningen!!

Are you looking for a daycare center for your kids in the city of Groningen? We would like to welcome you and your child at our cosy, pleasant daycare center KITS!

KITS has two daycare centers, both located to the northside of Groningen. You will find our main daycare center in the residential area Reitdiepwijk. Our second daycare center is situated at the Zernike complex, in which several business are settled as well as the University of Groningen and the Hanzehogeschool.

Both daycare centers are small scaled and transparent, where your child (together with other children) has all the opportunities to grow up in a cosy environment with concerned pedagogical assistants. We make the children feel at home and provide them with loving and professional care when you are working, studying or elsewhere occupied.

Our core values are: to see, respect, solidarity, security and outdoors.


KITS stands for:

  • Professional care in a homely environment
  • Individual attention for each child
  • The power of a small daycare
  • A digital notebook where you can follow the adventures of your child online
  • A lot of space to play in our beautiful garden
  • A private library, a light studio and an art studio
  • A lot of opportunities to be creative
  • Working with themes
  • Flexibility (different packages and the possibility to trade days for free)
  • Opening hours on Monday to Friday from 7.30-18.30 (early daycare from 7.00 am at request)


Rates and packages

All our rates and packages are included with diapers, food and beverages.

  • 48 weeks of daycare package
Do you need daycare for 48 weeks a year, without three consecutive weeks in the summer holliday
(Northern region), this package will be most suitable.
  • 51 weeks daycare package

Do you need daycare for 51 weeks per year, this package will be most suitable for you.

  • Early daycare package 

Do you need early daycare (from 7.00 to 7.30 am), structural or incidental, this additional package will be most suitable for you.

  • Flexible daycare 

With this package you can arrange a fixed number of hours per week, but you can schedule it for yourself over the week. Therefore your days can change weekly. All we need is to be notified (to our office) two weeks in advance of your preferred schedule. For flexible daycare we apply a surcharge of 10% on your daycare package.

Link to pdf-file rates daycare KITS 2019


Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 7.30-18.30. Early daycare from 7.00 to 7.30 am is on request.



It you want to visit us, please contact us! We'll gladly give you a private guided tour and show you our daycare center. 

We hope to see you at KITS!!